Wednesday, 3 November 2010

GoFugYourself.Com: GQ Photoshoot on Glee

This blog is supposed to be about everything I read in 2010. I have tried to be honest, even when the truth is embarrassing (eg. Carole Matthews). Even so, as I mainly cover books, a lot is left out: newspapers - magazines - internet crap. Ah, internet crap. Specifically,, which I read everyday. And I just had to promote their latest post, which I totally, totally agree with, about GQ's photoshoot on Glee.

In this photoshoot, actors famous for playing teens were photographed in embarrassingly sexualised ways. Look it up: it is totally unnecessary and exceptionally gross. What makes me especially mad is the fact that the boy gets to wear all his bloody clothes. You actually can't believe they are serious. Male gaze, much? Did feminism totally pass them by? Try looking up OBJECTIFICATION in the dictionary, bitches. Admittedly, all the actors are legal, but that is SO not what the shoot is about.

The photographer has had some complaints previously about his manipulation of young models. Perhaps a picture of him is worth a thousand words on this subject.

The New York Times is very interesting on this also.

It makes me totally mad.


  1. hey, way to switch it up a bit! Yeah, I was so bothered by this GQ nonsense. I mean, it was so ridiculously skeevy and you're right, Terry Richardson is known for producing images just such as these. I was really disturbed mostly because i sometimes watch the show and it is meant to be high school and here we are with twenty year old's, who play high school kids, in a porny spread. Ridiculous and extremely irresponsible in my opinion, but also all too common as the NY Times wisely notes. This photographer has also had several models (all young, inexperienced and just starting out) anonymously complain that he sexually harrassed them. But no one's come officially forward and filed a complaint because they don't want to lose out on work. He's apparently an epic douche bag of unbelievable proportions. I wish people would stop hiring him. And I wish people would stop thinking its ok to present images that sexualize young girls.

  2. Totally. Makes me cross everytime I think about it. On the other hand, on the upside, at least we are now to old to be sexualised young girls . . .. Oh wait. Is that a good thing?