Sunday, 5 June 2011

VS Naipaul: I have a lot of issues

You may have heard that poor old VS Naipaul has embarrassed himself rather, once again. He claims that no female writer is as good as he is, not even Jane Austen.

Now, let's leave the misogyny aside for a second, and just be kind of amazed that he can possibly think he is that good a writer. I mean, I loved A HOUSE FOR MR BISWAS, but let's be serious.

He also cliams that within a few paragraphs he can tell if something is written by a man or a woman, and the Guardian has created a brilliant quiz so you can see if you can too. Here it is - try it, it's fun. I got 7/10.

I want be restrained and end the post there, not engaging in any ad hominem attacks that would be below the dignity of this blog, but let me just suggest you Google 'VS Naipaul wife beating' and see what you can learn.


  1. Such silly statements. I almost feel sorry for him. Almost.

  2. Ugh, so sad and frustrating. I didn't even like the book by him that I read - so demeaning and he has such a colonial mentality toward his own people, thinking they are so inferior. It's odd.

  3. I got 4/10 in that test. Naipaul acts as if he has read all the women writers in the world. He probably doesn't read contemporary writers anymore, only the very few writers he admires, all dead of course (Dickens, some of Flaubert, Maupassant, his father...).

  4. I got 8/10! Ha ha, he's right!!

  5. Well he isn't one I fancy. I have a poem directly addressing his latest book.

  6. On the one hand, I feel totally irritated with him, and want to beat him senseless with a copy of MIDDLEMARCH. On the other, I feel sort of sorry for him, like you Nymeth. I read earlier this year his letters home from university, when he was a young man ( and he so clearly had so many issues then, and hasn't got over them yet!!

    I bet Stefania you are right, and he only reads the dead. Amy, do think about A HOUSE FOR MR BISWAS - it is wonderful, though he is a jerk. Nana! Do post your poem on your blog - I'd love to read it.

    And Hayden, I can't believe you beat me on the quiz!! I think I better beat you with a nice fat MIDDLEMARCH as well . . .

  7. funny thing, if you google your suggestion, your blog posts are the number 2 and 3 entries. how do you feel?



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