Thursday, 28 July 2011

OUT OF AFRICA by Karen Blixen

I have reviewed this for Africa Book Club - here it is! I will only say, it is not at all like the movie.

If you aren't going to click through, let me leave you with this interesting little extract:

The Elite Of Bournemouth

I had as neighbour a settler who had been a doctor at home. Once, when the wife of one of my houseboys was about to die in childbirth, and I could not get into Nairobi, because the long ruins had ruined the roads, I wrote to my neighbour and asked him to do me the great service of coming over and helping her. He very kindly came, in the midst of a terrible thunderstorm and torrents of tropical rain, and, a the last moment, by his skill, he saved the life of the woman and the child.

Afterwards he wrote me a letter to say that although he had once, on my appeal, treated a Native, I must understand that he could not let that sort of thing occur again. I myself would fully realize the fact, he felt convinced, when he informed me that he had before now, practised to the elite of Bournemouth.


  1. Thanks for the link and the quote! Sounds like an ... interesting... book from that quote.

  2. Most books do not make interesting movies although some does. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Nice quote, Sarah. It made me sad though. I read your review in Africa Book Club and loved it.

  4. Oh thanks Vishy. It is in many ways a very sad book.



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