Sunday, 21 August 2011


This is a creepy little novella.

A drifter named Frank stops at a petrol station. But in this kind of novel it is not a petrol station, oh no. It is a roadside joint.

In this roadside joint he meets the wife of the owner, Cora, and they immediately start a torrid affair, with strong overtones of violence. At one point, he mashes her lips. Apparently, this means kissing. At another point, he rips her. This apparently means tearing off her clothes.

They decide to kill off her husband, and on their second attempt succeed. They think they have accomplished the perfect crime, but the police are on to them, and they quickly sell each other out in an attempt to save themselves. They get off on a technicality but their relationship is now poisoned by mistrust. They eventually patch their relationship up, but at this point Cora dies in a car accident, and the police are only to happy to now accuse him of murder. The novel ends with Frank on death row.

So, super cheery! I would have put some actual quotes in, because there were doozies. But my Kindle is BUST. Yup, I've only had it for four months and the screen is BUST. I was all ready to be outraged. But Amazon is sending me a NEW one, for FREE, to ZIMBABWE. This sort of boggles my mind.


  1. This book sounds... interesting. lol. AWESOME that Amazon is sending you a new Kindle for free!! That is definitely good service :)

  2. I know! I literally can't get over it. I thought they would not have any delivery to Zimbabwe at all, never mind free delivery!!!

  3. Nice review, Sarah! I haven't read this book but have seen the movie version starring Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange. Jessica Lange was so beautiful in the movie! I remember reading the the movie's steamy scenes created quite a controversy when the movie was released, but I don't remember being violent as the book seems to describe it.

    Glad to know that Amazon is shipping a Kindle to you. Hope you enjoy reading on your new Kindle :) Happy Reading!