Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Regular readers of this blog may recall the period in which I was not sleeping, and so I took to my Sedaris. I started with a large print copy of WHEN YOU ARE ENGULFED IN FLAMES, which someone gave me, and then moved through all sorts of other Sedaris, from SANTALAND DIARIES to DRESS YOUR FAMILY IN CORDUROY AND DENIM. I decided recently to try LET'S EXPLORE DIABETES WITH OWLS, his latest, and OH DEAR. On my Kindle, if you go MENU - VIEW NOTES AND MARKS - the damning statement comes up: THERE ARE NO NOTES OR MARKS. David! What's gone wrong! The master of the witty phrase and killing insight! Here's what I think. His other stories were about his drug addicted, waster youth, and his messed up family. They were thus charming and comforting. Now, what does he have to write about? How he's a best selling novelist? How he stays in chic hotels? How he has a stable relationship? I don't think there's any writer that could turn that kind of happy success into interesting material. However, I have hope. If he keeps writing like this he won't be successful for too much longer . .

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  1. As always, David Sedaris made me laugh out loud with this one. I laughed so hard I snorted and the other parents at the park thought there was something wrong with me.