Saturday, 5 November 2016

THE POWER OF THE DOG by Thomas Savage

This book definitely had me at hello. Here is the opening:
Phil always did the castrating; firstly sliced of the cup of the scrotum and toast at the side; next to force down first one and then the other testicle, split the rainbow membrane that included, toilet out, and tossed into the fire where the branding iron glowed. There was surprisingly little blood. In a few moments the testicles exploded like huge popcorn.

Don't pretend you don't love it. Here is what it's about: homophobia in the wild West. SOLD! The book tells the story of two brothers, one of whom is fat and ugly. He marries, and this marriage infuriates the other. I won't tell you tell you to much more about the plot, as its full of interesting twists and unexpected turns but I will say that the homophobe gets what's coming to him in satisfying Cowboy style.

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